Unwanted Hair Affects Your Confidence Too!

Have you had one of those dreams, where you wake up in the morning, leave for work, and suddenly realize you are still wearing your PJ’s or worse, your “birthday suit”?

If that were to happen to you for real, wouldn’t you feel insecure or embarrassed, wanting to leave or disappear from the face of the earth? Well, you might feel the same way with unwanted facial or body hair.

Nowadays, facial and body hair removal is very common, yet nowhere as common and regular as it is in the western world. Truth is, different cultures perceive body hair removal differently for many reasons. But in western society hair removal has been embraced by society as early as the 1800’s. Women have been plucking, shaving and removing unwanted body hair any way possible. What started as a fashion trend is now an image reflection of ourselves and a status symbol. Both men and women groom or remove any unwanted hair by choice to look good, feel good and show off. It’s a method of self-enhancement, which makes them feel better when everything is smooth. So when somebody points out a ‘hairy’ imperfection on your body it might just leave you feeling less confident and lower your self-esteem.

I myself have had a few thick black stubbles growing on the lower part of my chin. I remember thinking “No one will see it, and if need be, I’ll pluck it away every now and then”. Little did I know, how often it would grow back. And every time it did, all I could think of was to head back home and pluck it off. It was like an obsession. My best friend pointed it out to me once and it left me feeling insecure and unattractive the rest of the day.

Many women have it worse! Due to hormonal conditions or hereditary features they wake up having to “shave” chin hair or facial hair off every morning. Women with such conditions are often embarrassed, discouraged and have low self-esteem. Leaving the house in the morning might be a challenge to them every day over again. For men excess chest or back hairs might be more of an embarrassing issue, to the extent that they won’t even take their shirts off on the beach or when swimming. Regardless of the issue, we all have hairy areas we are embarrassed to show and we all deserve to know our options. No one should live with that kind of embarrassment or lack of confidence. Lucky, this is a problem with an easy solution.

With the growing popularity of laser, more and more have been hoping to regain confidence by removing their visible or embarrassing hair. However, laser is only a hair reduction method and might not always be suitable for all areas, hair and skin type or more permanent needs.

Permanent hair removal is what people want most. It’s a blessing for cases with long term, stubborn, confidence-killing hair issues. In this case, electrolysis is the only way to go.

These are insecurities anyone can work on! Invest in your wellbeing! You will feel better about yourself and walk more assertive through life.