GENTS HAIR REMOVAL: Coming Soon @Furless

Hair removal is a second nature for women early on. Men however, often don’t know how to deal with their hair growth issues. Some men start grooming at a very late stage and generally focus on visible areas such as the face. Others, go for a full body grooming for the sake of their profession: bodybuilders, public figures in the fashion world, professional trainers etc.

Removing unwanted hair is not exclusive to women anymore. Men have their own share of annoying hair growth problems, may it be on the chest, back, face or feet. Some might hesitate thinking it will affect their image as a MAN. We can assure you that this is a hairy business we can help you with, without affecting your “Manliness”.

We can remove all your annoying hair permanently by shaping your beard, eliminating ingrowns on your neck (common phenomena in that usually sensitive area), redesigning or cleaning up the top of your cheeks or removing excess hair around your beard and moustache. In general, many men will have rashes, blisters or pus buildup on their neck and face after a shave, no matter how professional it was done. With electrolysis, this can be history.

We offer the latest and only permanent hair removal treatment (recognized and approved by medical boards and the FDA), with the newest and most advanced machines and equipment, thanks to which our treatments are the least painfull and the most efficent removing approximately 500 hair per hour.

Many other areas can be treated with any kind of hair and skin. These include but are not limited to; hands, back, shoulders, chest, ears, arms and underarms etc. Imagine a life without unibrow, with less hair to remove every other day or with little to none shaving time to waist every morning. You will enjoy your new found free time and the ladies will love your style! Make sure you follow us on Instagram on Furless_gents to know more about us and stay updated for the upcoming opening of our Furless Gents Center in November.

Times are changing, make sure you are part of the change!

We are located in the DNIC Building (Insurance Building, There is a RAK Bank in the main entrance), first floor. We are between Dubai Mall and City Walk, 5 minutes from the Dubai Mall Metro Station and right next to the Mazaya Center / Beach side. Call us on 052 961 8480 for more information.