Why Tweezing Unwanted Hair Can Leave You Plucked

I’ve often heard my electrologists caution strongly against tweezing or plucking unwanted hair. They say it’s okay to shave between appointments, but never tweeze. I’ve always just accepted this advice, but recently it occurred to me that I didn’t know why tweezing was so terrible. So, I asked, and the answers are interesting!

Tweezing Distorts Follicles

When you grab a hair with your tweezers and yank it out, there is significant pull on the follicle. Often, the follicle does not return to its original shape, resulting in a distorted follicle. This distortion makes it harder for your electrologist to treat that follicle completely. In other words, plucking out that unwanted hair means that it may take more time to achieve the permanent results you really want. And, as we’ve said before, time is money.

Tweezing Leads to Ingrown Hairs

Distorted follicles and hairs breaking off from being yanked on with tweezers often result in ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can make a rash, itch, get infected, etc. This is not conducive to beauty or self-confidence. Your electrologist can permanently remove the ingrown hairs, but it’s more time-consuming that removing normal hairs and they are quite unpleasant in the meantime.

Tweezing Leads to Stronger, Darker, Deeper Hair!

That’s right. When you tweeze that unwanted hair, you actually stimulate the follicle to grow it back. And, since you plucked it out, the follicle figures that this time it needs to grow you a stronger, coarser hair, with a deeper root. The more you tweeze, the stronger the hair gets until trying to tweeze it out breaks soft skin, causes scarring, and increases the likelihood of breaking off and causing ingrown hair. When you finally see your electrologist, she will have to work hard to permanently remove those deeply rooted, coarse hairs. Plus, more deeply rooted hair can pick up more melanin, resulting in a darker, more visible hair than the one you plucked!

So, what’s the answer?

The answer is simple: never, ever tweeze! If you have unwanted hair, see an electrologist for safe, permanent hair removal. Between appointments, you can shave, but don’t pluck. This will result in the fastest, most effective path to permanent removal of those unwanted hairs.

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